Age-related changes of the eyelids can be corrected only by blepharoplasty – a surgical operation to tighten the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. It is conducted only for aesthetic purposes, but women are willing to endure the pain and inconvenience of postoperative recovery for radical rejuvenation.

After 40-50 years, the only way to solve problems of age-related aging of the eye area, including hernias of the lower eyelid, strong wrinkles, sagging skin is to make blepharoplasty. But in some cases, you can make a correction at an earlier age.

The operation is a popular one, because visually you can look younger for 10-15 years.

The inner age of a person rarely coincides with the appearance. We feel ourselves young and full of strength, but in the mirror we see wrinkles, “swam” facial contours and sluggish skin. Then people want to turn the clock back and begin to think about a face-lift.

Facelifting is a complex operation, for smoothing deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds and lifting face oval. As a result, the patient looks for 10-15 years younger.

This complex plastic surgery requires delicate work of surgeon and high professionalism.

Dear friends!

We continue to introduce you the directions that we have in the clinic. Otoplasty is a plastic surgery method, aimed at improving the shape and size of auricles, eliminating their deformation and asymmetry. Otoplasty is a safe corrective procedure to help get rid of aesthetic flaws.


– Pronounced lop-eared.
– The asymmetry of the ears.
– Disproportionately large auricles or lobes.
– Congenital or acquired deformity.
– Anatomical features of the structure of the outer ear that do not meet aesthetic criteria.

– Changing the shape and position of the ears, the elimination of lop-eared.
– Elimination of auricular asymmetry.
– Reducing the size or changing the shape of ears or lobes.
– Reconstruction of the lobe after injury, tears, “tunnels” (varieties of ear jewelery).
– Correction of various deformations of auricles.

Each era dictates its own canons of beauty, but we decide for ourselves whether to comply with them. Today, it is very easy and almost painless to remove the nose problems or fix the nasal septum, change the congenital shape of the nose, make it beautiful. But you need to choose a clinic, where work only the best specialists , because the result of the operation depends on their professionalism.

Rhinoplasty helps to correct congenital or acquired deformities of the nose, as well as completely restore this organ after some injuries and save the individuality of the patient’s face. But it all depends on the correct RINOPLAST TEAM that I want to present to you today.

You already know me – I am Ibatov Nodir Abdullaevich, plastic surgeon and rhinoplast. I have performed over 2,000 successful operations.

On my right side is Khabibullaev Husan Rustambekovich. He is a very gifted specialist with international experience and education, specializing in otorhinolaryngologist.

On my left side is Nigmatov Iftikhor Obidzhonovich. He is a plastic surgeon of all types of face operations. He is the most talented specialist among other familiar doctors. He has enough theoretical and practical experience.

Trust the right surgeons!

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